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Unknown Lathe No. 76
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Found in France this unusual plain-turning lathe is obviously of post 1930 construction - this being confirmed by an all-V-belt drive countershaft held within the headstock-end bed foot and driven from an electric motor inside the stand.
It appears that to change the belt from pulley to pulley, the countershaft was mounted on an eccentric shaft, this being turned by a handwheel protruding from the left-hand face of the bed foot.
Most lathes with triangular beds were made during the 19th century and, although many of these carry no maker's identification, ones by the famous engineer Henry Maudsley (1771 - 1831), Boley and Glashutte have been recorded,
Should any reader have more information, the writer would be interested to hear from you.
Si un lecteur a plus d'informations, l'écrivain serait intéressé de vous entendre.