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"Offset Centre" Taper Turning Attachment

Not unique - similar devices have been offered by other makers and also constructed at home by skilled enthusiasts - the Bowers tailstock attachment was manufactured by T. Bowers & Co. (Toolmakers) Ltd. of Bradford. However, the Bowers unit is not to be confused with any of the cheaper, poorer quality examples, for their was a professional designed, beautifully constructed unit made from top quality materials with a hardened and ground adjustment screw, precision ball and roller races and a pleasing finish in black and satin chrome. Available with any size of Morse, Brown & Sharpe or Jano taper, the unit consisted of a rotating centre fitted to a split, rectangular block of steel, one half holding the centre, the other half the taper and held together by a bolt. My means of a micrometer dial and a ruler-engraved scale, one half could be off-set relative to the other and a workpiece -  held between lathe centres and driven by a catchplate and drive dog - turned as a taper. The scales provided could be in either inch or mm the linear reading being translated by a supplied chart into an angular one making the setting both quick and accurate. If you have a Bowers unit and no chart, go back to first principles and try revising your schooldays' knowledge of trigonometry….
One of the very makers to list the Bowers unit as an accessory was Viceroy, makers of lathes and other machine tools for the educational and training market
Established in Bradford during 1915 by Mr. A Bowers as toolmakers and precision engineers, Bowers quickly achieved a fine reputation for quality work and today exist as the Bowers Group, and organisation founded in 1979 by Roger Bowers (grandson of the founder) as
Bowers Internal Gauge Ltd., this now being part of the Spear & Jackson Group Today Bowers concentrate on advanced developments in metrology and are joined in the group by other precision engineering concerns including Moore & Wright, Eclipse, Baty, CV Instruments, WHS and Tyzack.
Bowers products made in earlier years included a fine 3-point internal micrometer (1944), high-precision gauges, rotary inclinable tables, reamers and special cutters, counter borers and machine-tool setting microscopes..