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For Sale
Myford M-Type Lathe

SOLD: a classic Myford M-Type lathe 3.5" x 16" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and fitted with the rare tumble-reverse drive to the leadscrew. Absolutely unmolested and in perfectly original order, this most useful and well-specified lathe is mounted on the maker's 12-speed all V-belt drive stand and has automatic adjustable disengage to the leadscrew drive and the useful "quick-action" engagement of backgear.
Well equipped with: 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, a dividing unit, complete saw-bench assembly with two cutter-holding arbors, fixed steady, travelling steady, faceplate, a set of screwcutting changewheels two angle plates, 4-way toolpost (as well as the quick-set original Norman patent unit) tailstock chuck, sets of turning tools and all the small parts from the last user.. Single-phase motor with Dewhurst reversing switch. £650 Full details of Myford M-Type lathes here

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