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For Sale
Miles/Semco 0-DF Vertical Milling machine
and an Abwood Double-ended Tool Grinder

SOLD: a Semco 0-DF Vertical Milling machine made by Henry Milnes. This is a high-class miller of the best possible quality. No.40 INT spindle with feed by a fine-feed handwheel, quick-action drilling lever and by power as well. The power feed is tripped automatically by a micrometer stop that allows very price settings to be maintained on boring or drill jobs. The head can be rotated through 180° each side of vertical and holds a hardened and ground spindle running in pre-loaded, back-to-back precision class Timken taper roller bearings. Table 30" x 8.5" with power feed and 18-inches of longitudinal travel, 6.5 inches across and 14.5 inches vertically. Table drive is by hardened and ground screws running through ball raced on the end supports. Complete with a Clarkson Autolock collet chuck and collets, micrometer-adjustable fly cutter, multi-face cutter, 40 INT to 3 Morse adapter sleeve, light unit and an excellent swivel-base machine vice. Long-tern unused but carefully stored and in original, unmodified condition. £750 Full details of these fine milling machines can be found here

Abwood Double-ended, tilting tables tool grinder and lapper.
A heavy-duty, professional-class machine on the makers stand and complete with a number of griding wheels and a light unit. £150 Phone: 033011-365509

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