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For Sale
Pultra 17/50 Miniature Precision Lathe

SOLD: Pultra 17/50 miniature precision lathe. This is the late-type model, mounted on the maker's cast-iron baseplate and driven by the proper bench-mounted "Mardrive" multi-speed, all-V-belt-drive countershaft and 1-phase motor. The lathe is in full working order, mounted on a good stand with drawer and shelf storage and complete with a wide range of valuable accessories including an "overhead" drive to power top-slide mounted high-speed grinding and milling spindles; milling slide; high-speed milling and drilling spindle, the seldom-found dividing and indexing unit; the ultra-rare watch-lathe type collet-mounted faceplate with finger clamps; a wide range of collets; precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws; the special lightweight  Pultra 4-jaw chuck; saw bench; twin-roller filing rest; 4-way toolpost; standard toolpost; tailstock with both fine screw-feed and lever-action control; hand T-rest; tailstock chuck; rear-mounted toolpost adapter with five toolholders; a set of bronze drive dogs and a number of collet-counted arbors for holding slitting saws and other cutters. £2250 Details of Pultra lathes here

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