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For Sale
Dore Westbury Vertical Milling Machine

For Sale: Dore Westbury vertical milling machine. Well-built and in excellent order this versatile miller has a single-phase motor and is fitted with a rotary table, the special large-capacity "Dore" milling machine vice, a 2-inch capacity boring head with a complete set of unused boring tools, two division plates by Chronos, two drill chucks and a flycutter. The head has both a fine down-feed and a quick-action lever for drilling, a No.2 Morse taper socket and a Myford specification thread on the end of the spindle. The head can be moved in and out, swivelled on its vertical axis and also inclined. The head contains low-speed reduction gears that allows heavier cuts to be made. Unusually for a Dore Westbury, the belt run is completely guarded. £750 Phone: 0208-3989331 Pictures of the Dore Westbury vertical miller for sale here and full details of Dore Westbury millers here. Phone: 0208-3989331

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