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For Sale
An Unused Toyo ML360 Lathe

For Sale: An unused Toyo ML360 lathe. Centre height 75 mm and a capacity between centres of 300 mm (3" x 12"). This is a compact, well-built and genuinely useful little lathe with a hardened bed, No. 2 Morse taper tailstock and taking 16 mm through the roller-bearing headstock spindle - the later larger than a Series 7 Myford. The lathe has the desirable slow-speed attachment for the spindle drive that allows both the high-speed range - 230, 450, 740, 850, 1630 and 2520 r.p.m. to also include a six-speed range from 70 to 150 r.p.m. Single-phase electrics. £850 Phone: 07973-333222  Details of Toyo lathes here -
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