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For Sale
Hauser Compound Table and a Multifix Toolpost

For Sale: a superb, Swiss-made compound screw-feed table by Hauser. Work area of 6⅞" x 10⅝" and about 5" high. The feed-screw dials read to 0.0001" via vernier scales. Each axis has a precision ruler fitted and an adjustable index that reads 0 to 4½" - though the X axis actually has 5⅜" of travel and the Y axis 5¾". There are four "T" slots each 10 mm wide. The ways have with protective bellows and both they and the top and underside are fully scraped and in excellent condition (the marks on the top in the pictures are oil stains). The paint is still reasonably good condition with just few chips. As this unit is very heavy, collection is advised - though packing and shipping at the purchaser's cost is an option  £850.
Phone: 07952-963557

Item 2 :
New, Unused Multifix style precision toolpost, Model Aaa - the wrong size for my lathe, it was purchased  in error from PeWetools in Germany
. This is the smallest model made being 28 mm tall, 33 mm wide and 56 mm long. The tool holders are 32 mm long, 17 mm high and 16 mm deep. The slot for tool bits is 6 mm deep and 7 mm high. The set includes the toolpost complete with locking lever and four standard tool holders with key. The set can be collected or can be shipped at purchaser's cost. £250. Phone: 07952-963557

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