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For Sale: Mikron Vertical &
Horizontal Milling Machine

For Sale: Mikron Vertical and Horizontal Precision Milling machine. In full working order, this is a fine example of Mikron engineering mounted on the maker's No. 93 heavy and stable cast-iron stand. Unusually, all the  horizontal and vertical milling accessories are present and this particular example has survived with the maker's slideway scraping marks intact and minimal play in the slideway feed screws and nuts - it has obviously had a very easy life. Table 360 mm x 115 mm with screw-feed travels of 180 mm longitudinally, 70 mm across and 135 mm vertically.
The headstock used on the horizontal set-up is the No. 95 with built-in overarm while the vertical arrangement uses the rare, internally epicyclic-gear No. 95a, together with the indexing plate normally found on the No. 99. The drive arrangement (foot-pedal clutch engaged) gives 12 speeds with a single-speed electric motor or 24 with a 2-speed type. The No. 98 automatic table feed is present, as is the inclusion of a removable suds tank inside the base and a set of spindle collets..
For further information email: or phone: 07784-332583 Details of Mikron precision milling machines here

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