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For Sale
Boxford AUD Lathe

SOLD for the asking price in two days an exceptionally fine Boxford long-bed AUD Mk.2 all imperial lathe with screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. One of the very last made, it is mounted on the final type of cabinet stand with a full-length splash-back, tool tray and headstock-mounted push-button electrical controls. The lathe was supplied direct from Boxford to the first owner, a model engineer, as a single phase machine. Due to ill health it remained little used until I bought it ten years ago and since then it has been seldom used and kept in dry storage. The original 1-phase motor has been replaced by a Jaguar Cub inverter and 3-phase motor, supplied and programmed by Transwave. The motor has infinitely variable speed drive and the machine runs very smoothly. Very well equipped with: built-in coolant, Bison 3-jaw, chuck, T-slotted cross slide, a genuine Boxford T-slotted boring table, the correct Burnerd half-depth boy 6-inch 4-jaw, a full set of imperial collets with drawbar, spindle-nose adaptor and nosepiece protector, an original Boxford "Rapid" quick-change toolpost (Dixon holders fit perfectly), fixed steady, hand T-rest with the correct mounting, faceplate, catchplate, carriage stop, thread-dial indicator, inch-to-metric transposing changewheel set, headstock spindle reducing sleeve, drill chucks, Morse centres, an adaptor to mount the Boxford chucks to a rotary table, an unused Boxford spindle thread tap, a spare unused cross feedscrew and nut, drive dogs, a " Gibraltar" type toolpost mounting, halogen light unit - it even has  cabinet key and Boxford key ring. The entire lathe is in excellent condition, very well cared for and smooth running, This must be one of the very finest Boxford AUD models ever offered. I have very  good access for collection - from near Folkestone, Kent. £2500

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