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For Sale
Myford 254 Plus Lathe with Powered
Vertical Milling Head

SOLD: Myford 254 Plus centre lathe with a Myford-branded powered vertical milling head. The lathe has screwcutting and feeds gearbox and power cross feed. A high-specification version of the 254, the "Plus" has an increased centre height of 5.34" and a hardened bed. The 6-speed milling head swivels, has a No. 2 Morse taper spindle, both fine and quick-action drilling feeds and is fitted with a Clarkson Autolock chuck and drill chuck. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back, the lathe comes with a wide range of accessories including the original 5-inch 3-jaw chuck, 6-inch 4-jaw chuck, rotary table, engineers precision vive, three standard machine vices, 4-way toolpost, the maker's T-slotted boring table, two tailstock rotating centres, three tailstock chucks, thread-dial indicator, fly cutter, three knurling tools, milling cutter arbor, tailstock-mounting 6-station capstan unit, drive dogs, masses of turning and boring tools, end mills, sets of standard and numbered drills, taps, dies, Slocomb centres, two bottles of Myford lubricant and a toolmaker's wooden cabinet with assorted tooling, verniers, callipers, micrometers, dial indicators, sets of files, reamers - and a host of other associated and useful items all as shown in the photographs. The lathe has been carefully used and is in full working order. All single-phase electrics. £2750
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