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For Sale
Antique Drummond Hand-operated Shaper

SOLD: a Mk. 2 Drummond Hand-operated shaper in original, complete and unmolested condition. The shaper was one of the Drummond Company's first products and when first made when the Drummond Brothers were still operating from the home address of Arthur Drummond in Pinks Hill, Wood Street, Guildford. Protected by patents (GB) 24772 and 24773 dated November 5th 1908 together with 25262 and 25263 of November 9th 1908, it was a very well-made, rugged little machine with an automatic feed in both directions and made in early and late forms. Table 8" x 9" with 6 inches of longitudinal travel and 3 inches vertically - both power driven. Complete with the original maker's vice.£350  Details of Drummond shapers here

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