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For Sale
Myford ML7R Lathe

SOLD: Myford ML7 R lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. Serial no KR161568 with two owners from new. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks. Fitted from new with a spindle clutch and long cross slide - making it virtually identical to the Myford Super 7. The lathe was unused for 12 years until purchased by me about 2 years ago. I've fitted a digital readout on the cross slide and the lathe comes with the following range of useful accessories: taper-turning attachment, keyway slotting attachment, fixed steady, travelling steady and a vertical milling slide with machine vice (all beautifully made by the first owner). 3-jaw chuck, the correct, half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd 4-jaw independent chuck, 4-jaw self centring chuck, a Dickson quick-change tool post with 10 tool holders, both large and small face plates, a Keats angle plate, a large Myford angle plate, T-slotted boring table, a superb quick-withdraw screw-cutting toolpost by hart, thread-dial indicator, two rear toolposts headstock dividing attachment, handle to turn the spindle by hand, graduated handle to leadscrew end, knurling tool and bottles of the correct Esso Nuto spindle oil. 1-phase electrics with a safety, push-button no-volt release starter. In perfect working order and ready to use - this is lathe, with its extensive accessories, is dial for both the beginner or more experienced and ambitious model or experimental engineer. Located East Lincolnshire  £1800 Details of Myford Lathes here

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