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For Sale
Colchester Bantam 1600

SOLD: Colchester Bantam 1600 5.75" x 23" with all-geared headstock and sliding and surfacing feeds. A full screwcutting gearbox and the 2-speed motor works on both speeds from a high-quality genuine Transwave converter. Complete with: Two 3-jaw chucks, the correct Burnerd 8-inch half-depth body 4-jaw independent chuck, quick-change and standard toolposts, extra changewheels to extend the gearbox threading range, coolant pump, a thread-dial indicator, faceplate, tailstock chuck, micrometer dial on tailstock handwheel, spare chuck backplates, coolant pump, a machine light and an original edition of the maker's operation and maintenance manual (plus a copy). The lathe has been unused for some time but carefully protected by a sealant on the bare metal surfaces - the brown stains are the rust proofing, not rust. A compact, very strongly-built and rigid lathe with a wide speed range. £1250 Details of Bantam lathes here

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