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For Sale
Colchester Bantam Lathe

For Sale: Colchester Bantam lathe 5.75" x 22" with hardened bed, a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back. This Bantam is in excellent condition and full working order. Complete with a 6-inch 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body Pratt-Burnerd 8-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, 4-way and single toolposts, micrometer-equipped carriage stop on the bed, two tailstock rotating centres, tailstock chuck and a large set of changewheels (including metric transposing gears) to extend the threading range of the gearbox, micrometer dial to the tailstock handwheel, a good set of turning and boring tools and calipers, Morse centres, etc. Also included is a copy of the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual. 1-phase electrics.
I'm selling the lathe on the behalf of a disabled friend who is no longer able to use the lathe - which is in Liverpool.  Please phone: 0161-7614556 or 0797-4071187 for more details. The lathe can be seen running and demonstrated.
Details of Colchester Bantam lathes here.

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