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For Sale
A Pair of Mikron Precision Universal
Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machines

SOLD: A high-precision Mikron milling machine complete with: base unit (93) fitted with screw-operated slides and with adjustable travel stops (the table has a couple of small gouges from contact with a cutter); horizontal milling headstock (95), sets of coarse and fine thread collets; vertical milling headstock (97), which can be swivelled 45° each way from vertical and the matching collet draw tubes; the correct Mikron small swivel-base machine vice graduated 90° 0 - 90° complete the correct wrench;  a Mikron plain indexing head (99) with one division plate; a second plain indexing head of slightly different pattern (each indexing head accepts both the coarse and fine thread collets but will need suitable drawtubes making or adapting; tailstock (100) for indexing heads (the heads and tailstock would benefit from stripping and cleaning). The miller is in excellent condition with the vertical head and second machine painted - however Mikron tended to supply machines unpainted because of their superb, as-cast finish. All slides operate smoothly.
Included in the sale is a second Mikron miller and horizontal-type headstock. The headstock is fitted with epicyclic, slow-speed back gearing - the normal engagement pin is cut with a rack and operated by a small shaft with a pinion cut on its outer end. However, this is missing - but it works just as well with a plain pin pushed in and out. This machine is also in good condition but has one or two 'scuff' marks on the table and lacks the gib keys on two of the axes. These are identical with those on the other machine so they can be used as patterns for making replacements. This second machine is not fitted with stops so may be an earlier version. On the main machine the gibs will need adjusting, having been dismantled for moving. A countershaft will be needed and I had in mind making one using some Myford ML7 countershafts parts I have - but as I do not have the time these parts will be included if required. There is also a flat-belt pulley that can be adapted.  £1750
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