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For Sale
Aciera E3 Precision Drill Press
Aciera F3 Rotary Table
Schaublin Milling Slide
Schaublin 102 Lathe Tailstock
Blessing Concave Turning Attachment

For Sale: 
Aciera E3 precision drill press - in very good condition £1100
Aciera F3 rotary table - in good condition £650
Schaublin 102 vertical slide attachment with swivel vice - in very good condition £950
Schaublin 102 tailstock - in very good condition - £650
Blessing concave radius turning tool from R20 to R50 mm £300
I am happy to ship world-wide, securely packed and insured.
Phone: ++45-50530828 or email:

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Aciera F3 Precision Drill Press

Schaublin Milling Slide and Vice

Aciera Rotary Table

Schaublin 102 lathe tailstock

Blessing concave radius turning tool