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For Sale
Myford Super 7B Lathe

SOLD: Myford Super 7B 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox. This is the chance to obtain an inexpensive Myford Super 7 that has stood neglected for some time. Complete with a set of metric transposing gears and the necessary mounting bracket,  a single-phase motor, Dewhurst reversing switch, thread-dial indicator, 3-jaw chuck, rear toolpost and an interesting set of "Norman Patent" quick-set toolholders, the lathe is complete and, in so far as is known, sound mechanical order, the lathe is mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a deep chip tray and levelling blocks. It will need stripping cleaning, de-rusting, etc. - or could be dismantled for the many valuable parts it contains. £750

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