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For Sale
Naerok Vertical Mill-Drill

SOLD: Naerok Vertical Milling and Co-Ordinate Drill Machine. Table 23" x 7". R8 taper spindle (Bridgeport taper so lots of inexpensive tooling available) that has both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a rapid-action drilling handle. Unlike other similar machines by Warco and Whitecote, etc., the Naerok's head's travel for coarse settings is by a bevel box at the base of the column - this keeping the head in alignment as it is raised and lowered. Powered from a rear-mounted, 3/4 h.p. 1-phase motor with drive by an "A" section V-belt to an intermediate, self-aligning, 3-step jockey pulley and then to a 4-step front pulley - the arrangement giving 12 speeds that spans approximately 100 to 2000 r.p.m. £550
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