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For Sale
Stark Precision Bench Lathe

SOLD: Stark No. 4 Precision Bench Lathe approximately 3.5" x 20". This American-made high quality lathe is complete on a bench with a single-phase motor-countershaft unit (that includes a large pulley to drive toolpost-mount high-speed grinding and milling spindles), screw-feed compound slide-rest assembly and well equipped with: two milling slides, 3-jaw chuck, two 4-jaw chucks, faceplate, high-speed spindle to hold grinding and milling cutters, some collets, two tailstock chucks, two toolposts, centres, sets of drills, assorted milling cutters, slitting saws and a number of home-made accessories including a "Chase Threading Attachment", hand T-rest and various pieces of dividing equipment. Details of Stark precision lathes here and more information about "Bench Precision Lathes" and their makers here.

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Above the chrome bar - parts for the thread-chasing equipment