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For Sale
Cowells 90 Miniature Lathe

SOLD: Cowells 90 Miniature Precision Lathe, Model 10/200B (the 90ME is the current equivalent) backgeared, screwcutting and gap-bed. In superb, little-use condition and complete with a range of genuine Cowells' accessories. The lathe was purchased from Cowells in 1983 for the making 'OO" locomotive parts. After little use, mainly turning brass and due to ill health, the machine was unused for 20 years and dry stored in the house. Included with the lathe are: a vertical mill slide (RG55), machine vice (RG57), fixed steady (RG39), a travelling steady (RG40), 3-jaw chuck (standard fitting Cowells Part No. RG9) independent 4-jaw chuck 60 mm O.D. (RG10), complete screw-cutting changewheel set (R45), 0 - ¼ inch (6.35 mm) drill chuck & arbour (RGB15), 90 mm cast-iron faceplate (RG28), 2 x hard Morse centre (R30), 3 x half centres (R32), angle plate (RGB56), a selection of tools and assorted cutting tools, the maker's post-production test and alignment certificate and a small handbook. £1800 O.V.N.O. (current retail price 08/2017 is £4400). Shipping world-wide possible. Details of Cowells lathes here

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